What We Recycle

Aluminum   •   Copper   •   Tubing   •   Brass   •   Brass Faucets   •   Stainless Steel   •   Wire   •   Motors   •   Radiators
Batteries   •   Lead   •   Tin   •   Steel   •   Electrical Wire   •   Electric Cable   •   Leaded Cable   •   Nickel   •   Zinc
DieCast   •   Scrap   •   LithoPlates   •   LithoFilm   •   Goldenrod   •   X-Ray Film   •   X-Ray in Jackets

Two Brothers pays the highest prices for scrap aluminum, copper, brass, lead, wire, batteries, steel and stainless steel, in addition to lithoplates, lithofilm, x-ray film, computers and electronics. 

In addition to drop-off solutions at our Farmingdale location, Two Brothers offers a driver dispatched pick-up service direct to your location. Bins or drums can also be provided for your convenience.

Please contact us at 631-694-8188 or email us for additional information